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Welcome to POINTS Edulabs, where we specialize in guiding students through the challenging yet rewarding path of IBDP Mathematics. Our expert tutors are well versed in IBDP Mathematics, offer personalized teaching methods that cater to each student’s unique learning style. We understand the importance of this subject in shaping analytical and problem-solving skills, essential for success in both academic and professional arenas.



Our teaching methodology

At POINTS Edulabs, our approach to teaching IBDP Mathematics includes:

  1. Customized Road Map
    Tailoring the learning experience to meet individual student needs.
  2. Concept Building
    Focusing on fundamental concepts for a strong mathematical foundation.
  3. Practice Worksheets
    Reinforcing learning through targeted practice.
  4. Doubt Solving
    Providing timely assistance to clarify concepts and solve problems.
  5. Practice Tests
    Preparing students for exams with simulated test environments.

About curriculum

Why IBDP Mathematics Matters
IBDP Mathematics is more than just a subject; it’s a critical tool for understanding the world. Proficiency in this discipline enhances logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills, crucial for careers in engineering, sciences, economics, and more. It lays a solid foundation for higher education and develops a disciplined approach to tackling complex challenges.
What is the structure of IBDP MATHEMATICS Curriculum
The IBDP Mathematics curriculum is comprehensive, covering various topics such as Number & Algebra, Functions, Geometry & Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability, and Calculus. It is designed to cater to different levels of mathematical ability and interest, ensuring that each student can find a pathway that resonates with their aspirations and learning style.

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