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Welcome to POINTS Edulab, where we are dedicated to helping students excel in MYP French. Our expert tutors in Mumbai provide comprehensive support tailored to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with learning French, and we’re committed to guiding our students through this exciting journey of linguistic and cultural discovery.



Our Teaching Methodology

At POINTS Edulab, our approach to teaching MYP French is multi-faceted:

  1. Customized Road Map
    We tailor our teaching strategies to meet individual learning styles and goals.
  2. Concept Building
    Fundamental concepts of the French language are taught in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.
  3. Practice Worksheets
    Regular worksheets help reinforce learning and build proficiency.
  4. Doubt Solving
    We encourage an open environment where students can freely ask questions and resolve doubts.
  5. Practice Tests<br /Regular assessments to track progress and prepare for examinations.

About curriculum

Why MYP French Matters
French is a language of global significance, spoken on all five continents by over 220 million people. As an official language in 29 countries and a key language in international relations, learning French opens up a world of opportunities. It’s a gateway to understanding diverse cultures and plays a pivotal role in many international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union. Furthermore, French is a language of reasoning and debate, sharpening critical thinking skills vital in a variety of professions and academic pursuits.
Structure of the MYP French Curriculum
The MYP French curriculum is designed to develop students’ communicative skills and deepen their understanding of the Francophone world. It encompasses a range of topics from basic grammar and vocabulary to complex linguistic structures and cultural nuances. Students engage with authentic French texts, participate in spoken dialogue, and explore various aspects of Francophone cultures, preparing them for more advanced studies and real-world interactions.

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