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At POINTS Edulab, our dedicated tutoring programs are designed to challenge and stimulate young minds, preparing them for national and international academic competitions.
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What are Olympiads?

Olympiads are prestigious competitions that challenge students in specific subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Computer Technology, and more. These tests assess a student’s aptitude and grasp of advanced concepts, fostering higher academic achievement.

Why Attempt Olympiads?

Participating in Olympiads paves the way to academic excellence and is a testament to a student’s dedication and intellectual prowess. Success in these Olympiads indicates a student’s ability to excel beyond the regular school curriculum and is highly valued by prestigious universities.

Guidance at every step

Personalized Tutoring

Our Olympiad tutoring blueprint is tailored to meet individual learning styles and objectives, providing each student with a personal strategy for success.

Concept Building

We delve deeply into subjects, strengthening the foundation and enabling students to grasp complex theories and problems intrinsic to Olympiads.

Simplified Teaching Methods

Our tutors use creative teaching methods that demystify the most challenging topics, making them accessible and engaging.


In-depth material by experts

Comprehensive Workbooks

Our extensive range of workbooks is filled with exercises designed to hone the skills required for Olympiad success.

Subject-Specific Notes

Our tailored study notes provide students an invaluable reference, with insights and strategies for Olympiad success

Updated Resource Library

We maintain a dynamic library of resources, incorporating the latest Olympiad trends and practices for in-depth preparation.

Our classes help you bring out your best

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Specialized mentorship for you

Detailed Study Plans

At POINTS Edulab, our specialized mentorship begins with crafting detailed study plans that align with your strengths and areas for improvement.

Regular Doubt Solving

We host regular doubt-solving sessions to consolidate learning and ensure clarity of concepts to address any doubts

One-on-One Mentorship

Our mentorship program is the cornerstone of your Olympiad preparation, providing one-on-one sessions and giving you the support and motivation needed.


Strategic Exam Preparation

Speed and Accuracy Training

Our training modules are specifically designed to enhance these vital skills, giving you the edge you need in a competitive exam setting.

Full-length Mock Tests

Our full-length mock tests are designed to mirror the official exam format, providing you with a realistic exam experience.

Topic-Wise Training

Dive deep into specific Olympiad subjects with our topic-wise training sessions to help you with comprehensive coverage of every topic.

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