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Step into the medical field with confidence through UCAT preparation with POINTS Edulab. Our curriculum is tailored to enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, crucial for ace the UCAT.
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What is UCAT?

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a critical assessment for prospective medical and dental students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to test your verbal reasoning, decision-making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, and situational judgment skills.

Why Attempt UCAT?

The UCAT is an integral part of the admissions process for most medical and dental schools in the UK. It allows students to prove their aptitude skills beyond academic grades to build their career in healthcare. Excelling in the UCAT significantly boosts your application’s strength in a highly competitive environment.

Guidance at every step

Dynamic Personalized Coaching

Our UCAT preparation program is designed to help you improve your weak points and enhance your strengths for acing the UCAT.

Concept-Based Learning

We focus on building concept clarity across all UCAT sections to foster deeper understanding and flexibility in problem-solving.

Streamlined Methods

Our teaching methods are fine-tuned to the unique demands of the UCAT, ensuring that you attempt each section of the exam confidently.


In-depth material by experts

In-Depth Worksheets

With Points Edulab, you can access various worksheets that comprehensively cover every aspect of the UCAT.

Detailed Subject Notes

Our in-house team designs our exclusive study notes and revision guides to provide you with the best resources needed to ace the UCAT.

Up-to-Date Library

Our Library is regularly updated with the latest UCAT preparation materials, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to refine your skills.

Our classes help you bring out your best

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Specialized mentorship for you

Structured Study Plans

Our study plans outline a strategic approach to mastering the UCAT that aligns with your pace and concept clarity.

Regular Doubt Solving

We conduct regular doubt-solving sessions to resolve all your questions to ensure a strong clarity and grasp of complex topics.

Professional Support

Our seasoned counselors provide all the support and guidance to ensure you're fully academically and mentally prepared for the UCAT.


Stay stress free and confident

Time Management

We emphasize conducting time management tests to measure your pace and accuracy, which is vital to crack the 2-hour time limit of the UCAT.

Mock Assessments

Our full-length, timed mock exams simulate the actual UCAT experience, providing students with a realistic environment for the test.

Focused Topic Learning

At Points Edulab, we provide topic-based tutoring to ensure you confidently navigate through each section of the UCAT.

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