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At POINTS Edulab, we provide comprehensive support to students enrolled in the IGCSE Biology course. Our experienced tutors have an in-depth understanding. an in-depth understanding of the biological world, guiding students through the nuances of biology, helping them grasp fundamental principles, current applications, and practical skills. Our teaching method is designed to foster not just academic excellence but also a deep interest in science and scientific developments, preparing students for further education in science or related careers.



Our teaching methodology

Our teaching methodology at POINTS Edulab includes:

  1. Customized Road Map
    Tailoring learning paths for each student to meet their specific needs and learning goals.
  2. Concept Building
    Focusing on understanding fundamental concepts to enhance confidence and achievement.
  3. Practice Worksheets
    Providing engaging and interactive materials to reinforce learning and apply concepts.
  4. Doubt Solving
    Addressing individual queries and clarifying concepts in dedicated sessions. Practice Tests: Regular assessments to track progress and prepare for exams.
  5. Practice Tests
    Conducting regular assessments to gauge progress and readiness for the IGCSE exams.

About curriculum

Why IGCSE Biology Matters
IGCSE Biology is crucial for understanding the living world and our place within it. The subject offers insights into the complexities of life, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics. A strong foundation in biology is essential for students interested in pursuing careers in health, environmental science, research, and many other science-related fields. Biology not only contributes to our understanding of the natural world but also equips students with critical thinking and analytical skills that are valuable in a wide range of professions.
Structure of the IGCSE Biology Curriculum
The Cambridge IGCSE Biology curriculum includes basic principles and concepts fundamental to the subject, alongside a strong emphasis on practical skills. The syllabus is regularly updated to reflect current thinking and ensure relevance to learners, schools, and higher education institutions globally. It includes learning objectives for each topic, ensuring clarity in what is taught and learned. The syllabus also covers a balanced mix of core and supplemental topics, with updates in topic structure for coherence and progression.

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