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At POINTS Edulabs, we specialize in helping students excel in their IBDP Spanish courses. Our approach is tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the IBDP curriculum. We understand that mastering a language like Spanish is not just about learning grammar and vocabulary; it’s about immersing oneself in the culture, understanding the nuances of communication, and developing a true appreciation for the language. Our team of experienced educators and language experts is dedicated to guiding students through this journey, ensuring they not only succeed academically but also develop a lifelong passion for the Spanish language and culture.



Our teaching methodology

Our methodology at POINTS Edulabs is multi-faceted, focusing on:

  1. Customized Road Map
    Tailoring learning paths to meet individual student needs.
  2. Concept Building
    Establishing strong foundations in Spanish language and culture.
  3. Practice Worksheets
    Reinforcing learning through targeted exercises.
  4. Doubt Solving
    Providing individual attention to resolve queries and strengthen understanding.
  5. Practice Tests
    Preparing students for IBDP assessments with simulated exam conditions.

About curriculum

Why IBDP Spanish Matters
IBDP Spanish is a crucial part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, emphasizing not just language acquisition but also intercultural understanding and global mindedness. Studying Spanish provides students with the skills to communicate confidently and appropriately in a variety of contexts, fostering cultural sensitivity and international awareness. It’s more than just learning a language; it’s about gaining insights into Spanish-speaking cultures, enhancing students’ global perspective, and preparing them for future academic and professional opportunities in a multicultural world.
What is the structure of IBDP SPANISH Curriculum
The IBDP Spanish curriculum is comprehensive, covering five key themes: identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organization, and sharing the planet. These themes encompass a wide range of topics such as lifestyles, customs, technology, relationships, and global issues, all studied through the lens of Spanish-speaking cultures. The curriculum includes both Standard and Higher Levels, with each level designed to cater to students with varying degrees of prior experience in Spanish. Assessments in the course include externally assessed examinations and an internally assessed portfolio, covering productive, receptive, and interactive skills in Spanish.

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