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At POINTS Edulabs, we are dedicated to guiding students through the intricacies of the IBDP Computer Science curriculum. Computer Science holds an essential role in shaping our technology-driven society. As technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of our daily lives, the demand for individuals proficient in computer science is on the rise. Our approach is tailored to ensure that each student not only understands the core principles of computer science but also excels in applying them practically and theoretically.



Our teaching methodology

At POINTS Edulabs, our approach to teaching IBDP Mathematics includes:

  1. Customized Road Map
    Personalized learning paths for each student.
  2. Concept Building
    Fundamental understanding of core concepts.
  3. Practice Worksheets
    Regular exercises to reinforce learning.
  4. Doubt Solving
    Interactive sessions to clarify concepts.
  5. Practice Tests
    Regular assessments to track progress.

About curriculum

Why IBDP Computer Science Matters
IBDP Computer Science is crucial as it opens doors to the vast world of technology and its principles. Beyond imparting fundamental coding and problem-solving skills, IBDP Computer Science education nurtures innovation and fosters critical thinking abilities among students. It provides a comprehensive foundation in computer systems, software development, and problem-solving through programming, making it essential for future technological pursuits.
What is the structure of IBDP COMPUTER SCIENCE Curriculum
System Fundamentals: Understanding of computer systems including hardware and software. Computer Organization: In-depth knowledge of computer systems structure. Networks: Exploration of computer networks and the internet. Computational Thinking, Problem Solving, and Programming: Skills in problem-solving and algorithm development. Advanced Topics for Higher Level (HL): Includes more in-depth exploration of the subject.

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