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Maximize your ACT scores with the expertise of Points Edulabs. Our targeted training sharpens your analytical and reasoning skills, ensuring you’re prepared for the breadth of subjects covered.

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What is ACT?

The ACT is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure your academic readiness for colleges in the USA and Canada. It assesses your English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning skills. This test is widely accepted by colleges in the USA and is known for its focus on curriculum-based skills, providing a holistic view of student’s intelligence.

Why Attempt ACT?

Taking the ACT is significant for students who want to target top colleges in the USA and Canada. The ACT is not just an alternative to the SAT; it’s a chance to showcase your strengths in scientific reasoning and complex problem-solving skills, qualities that universities highly regard.


Guidance at every step

Customize Training

Our personalized ACT preparation caters to your learning preferences and academic goals, providing you with the attention and resources you need to excel in the ACT.

Conceptual Understanding

Our curriculum focuses on building a robust foundation in the core concepts tested on the ACT. Our interactive teaching methods reinforce knowledge and foster critical thinking.

Effective Strategies

At Points, we aim to simplify complex topics and focus on making learning more intuitive. Our simplified teaching methods help you quickly grasp topics and retain them longer.


In-depth material by experts

Resourceful Worksheets

We offer students access to our extensive worksheets, continuously updated to stay relevant with the ACT's evolving format.

Specialized Topic Notes

We provide subject-specific study guides to consolidate learning and offer brief revisions of key concepts tailored to the structure of the ACT.

Updated ACT Library

Our library is stocked with the latest editions of ACT preparation books, offering a wide range of practice tests and study materials to support your journey.

Our classes help you bring out your best

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Specialized mentorship for you

Personalized Study Plans

We provide in-depth study plans that outline a clear path to help you master the ACT based on your academic timeline and milestones.

Regular Doubt Solving

We conduct regular doubt-solving sessions built into your study schedule, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of all subject matter.

Guidance and Support

Our expert counselors are dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need to address your academic concerns and future plans.


Stay stress free and confident

Timing and Accuracy Training

We concentrate on building your test-taking skills to improve your accuracy and timing to boost your confidence for the ACT

Mock Exams

We conduct Full-length mock exams that replicate the ACT's pressure and conditions to ensure you’re always test-ready.

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Our tutors provide topic-wise training to ensure you are proficient in each subject area of the ACT, from the nuances of English grammar to complex Math problems.

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